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Market and Competitor Information Management System

To learn how STRATEGY! and other products or services add up to a complete solution to satisfy your real-world strategic and tactical needs, also check out Solutions.

  • An off-the-shelf Competitor Information Management System.
    STRATEGY! is a database specifically designed to hold valuable strategic and tactical information about your competitors and other forces in your competitive environment. An easy-to-use interface provides access to all of your competitive information in a straight-forward manner. STRATEGY! was designed so that you can easily customize it to your own industry and your unique organization -- without the need for additional programming by anyone on your IT staff or by any outside consultant.
  • Quickly create useful reports about your competitive environment.
    There are over 150 built-in reports that help to answer the most common questions that organizations ask to meet strategic and tactical needs -- from informing market strategy to helping your sales people increase quarterly revenues. It's not one or the other, as tactics inform strategy and strategy guides tactics! Plus, creating your own custom reports is possible using Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access or other reporting tools. Click on Sample reports to get an idea of the possibilities.
  • Combat the immediate competitive threat.
    Know your competitors, and how well their products stack up against yours. Use that to guide market and product strategy, and also to help your sales people sell directly against competitors! Comparison reports on products or services (and any other type of comparison you want, actually) can be generated in seconds and shared with people who need to know, now. Hone strategy AND increase sales through quick access to insightful information on your competition and their products.
  • Quality over quantity.
    Information is much more useful when summarized, sorted, and stored in STRATEGY! Using STRATEGY! is like reading a 'Reader's Digest': You learn the important details in record time, allowing you to see the Big Picture for strategy AND understand the details for tactical uses. Know what is going on in your industry with less effort than ever before. Use and reuse important information for many purposes. By recording where a summarized bit of information (Info Nuggets we call them) came from, any user can go back to the source and read/see/hear the original source when needed. Gain a focused, useful (short) understanding of what you need, without losing any detail!
  • Create a collective awareness.
    Having a centralized repository for competitive information consolidates the knowledge of all employees and makes that knowledge available to the entire enterprise. Use and reuse both strategic and tactical information for many purposes, so that you get more value out of the assets your company owns. Perhaps more important, the knowledge becomes inheritable to new employees and learning curves are practically eliminated for people in leadership, Sales, Marketing and other areas.
  • Security of sensitive data and files.
    Access is controlled on both User and User group level. The administrator can control who can view Information and who can make changes. Hybrid security models are also possible to restrict access to delicate areas of information. In addition, entire databases can be encrypted to protect sensitive information on a laptop computer.
  • Publish to your secure internet or intranet site or other destinations.
    Share summarized competitor information with specific company leaders, your Sales Force and others who could use either strategic or tactical competitive insights by exporting or saving STRATEGY! reports as HTML pages, WORD documents or Excel Spreadsheets.
  • Easy to learn and intuitive to use.
    With the click of a mouse, you can change the Menu and Toolbar to suit what you need, whether you use STRATEGY! only now and again or you are a 'power user'. Given that it's so easy to understand, STRATEGY! is ideal for users who need fast information and for busy executives with no interest in reading the user's manual.
  • Expand your understanding of your industry at your own pace.
    STRATEGY! comes set-up ready to help you track your direct competition and their products or services, as well as your own organization to create useful comparisons. Install it and use it right away.

    Better yet, you'll learn as you go on, so when you want to adapt to and extend your 'competitive awareness' to other competitive forces and topics, STRATEGY! is simple to modify (no need for programming or hiring outside consultants). Many advanced capabilities are already built into STRATEGY! and are ready and waiting to be enabled when you want them. Based on your company's strategic and tactical needs, it's easy to 'graduate' to a higher level of understanding and use of STRATEGY!.