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Get Current Useful Reports About Your Competitors Anywhere, Anytime.

Integrated right into your company's intranet or secure website, IntoAction® makes current, relevant reports available to your authorized employees anywhere they can get to your company's secured website: a hotel, a laptop, a home office, the corporate headquarters, where ever. Authorized employees get access to your company's most up-to-date information, in concise and useful reports, about your competitors, their products, key people, marketing capabilities, R&D and much more.

Each site is unique, based on YOUR needs:
Sample 1 -- Sample 2 -- Sample 3

Know Who You Are Up Against In Selling Or Negotiations.
Take a quick look at any specific report you call up on IntoAction® to know details about your competitors, and how well their specific products or services stack up against yours. Answer a couple of basic questions to generate comparison reports in seconds. Increase sales by targeting your strengths and exploiting your competitor's weaknesses. No more spur of the moment guessing games or trying to recall what was in last quarter's sales and marketing reports.

  • Quality Over Quantity.
    Who has time to read and remember everything about the competitive environment that appears in the office inbox, email, daily news services, newsletters, research reports, etc.? Current competitor information is much more useful when it's organized, summarized and provided in the simple format of IntoAction®. Using IntoAction® is like reading a 'Reader's Digest': learn important details in record time, see the Big Picture and understand what's going on in your industry with less effort than ever before.   
  • Save Time While Creating a Collective Awareness.
    A centralized repository for competitor information consolidates the knowledge of employees in your company and gets it to people with a need to know. Stop wasting time searching for information that someone in your company might already have. Don't duplicate efforts to research products, people, strategies, etc. Never again lose critical information when a key staff person leaves the company--store that knowledge and make it available through IntoAction®. Imagine how short the learning curve will become for new Sales and Marketing people or other employees with a need to know!
  • Security of Sensitive Information.
    IntoAction® security can be controlled by your company's intranet so that no additional user name or password is required. You determine who has access to which reports via IntoAction®: all employees, certain departments or individuals. Each can be given access to all reports, just a subset or none. Because IntoAction® is a web application, no software needs to be installed on user's computers. Your competitor information files are stored in STRATEGY!, an encrypted database that interacts with IntoAction®.
  • Facts, Figures, Graphs and Charts: Easy-to-Understand Reports.
    Ask for what you want about your competitors and have it appear at your fingertips in seconds using IntoAction®. With as many as 150 reports to choose from, and the ability to drill down on key data, your company can determine which reports to make available to all employees, specific departments or individual executives. Even more specialized reports can be created using Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access or other tools. See a sampling of reports that IntoAction® can provide.
  • Easy to learn and intuitive to use.
    IntoAction® is ideal for occasional users who need fast information and busy executives with no time to study a user's manual. Do you know how to get on your company's intranet or secured website? That's just about all you need to know to access the information using IntoAction®!