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Personalized Training

Tips, Tricks & Training - Using Online Technology in Your Own Office

Get personalized training on key areas of any of our applications right in your own office. One of our coaches will join you in a focused online session to show you -- real-time -- tips and tricks for using our applications more effectively. Sessions will be limited to no more than three students and are designed to fit easily into your busy work day. Choose from a wide variety of topics or tell us the subject YOU want to cover.

How is it done? We provide online, real-time personalized training using a web conferencing application. Participants can view the STRATEGY! application as it's being used in real-time by both student and coach. Each person will take control of the mouse to navigate the software and put tips and tricks' into practice.

Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to register or get more information.

General Organization Information
Understand the various fields in the general company screen such as business, mission, financials, ownership, relationships, key information topics, info resources, etc. Learn how to quickly and easily find information for these fields and enter it into STRATEGY!. Find out the specific reports you can immediately create with information in the general company screen.

Product or Service Information
Understand the various fields within the product or service screen such as description specifications, target markets, complementary products and information resources. Learn how to quickly and easily find (and enter) information for these fields. Find out the specific reports you can immediately create with information in the product or service screen.

Customizing STRATEGY! Using Set-up & Administration Functions
Learn how to customize any screen or form in STRATEGY! by changing field names and terminology. This includes how to add different types of organizations you want to track, how to turn on and off various sections of STRATEGY!, how to modify the tool bar and more.

Specifications and Attributes for Comparisons of Products or Services
Learn how to set up an attribute list to compare products or services, edit the list, enable the pick list, copy attribute tables between subcategories, copy specifications from one product or service to another, create any type of comparison report using attributes, and more. Find out the specific reports you can immediately create to compare products or services.

Creating Comparisons of ANY Type
Learn how to set up comparisons-- between products or services, organizations, product or service categories and more. Find out how to enable the pick list, edit templates, copy comparison values, change the "Strength & Weakness" value range and more.  Find out the specific comparison reports you can immediately create from STRATEGY!.

Setting up Security and Other Administrative Functions
Learn the basics of setting up security within STRATEGY!, including assigning user names, passwords and permissions, changing passwords and using workgroup files as a security measure. Find out more about how to replicate databases and when to set up a replicated database system and how (and why) to compact a database.

Using Scratch Pad
Learn all about the handy utility called Scratch Pad -- it is an editing tool to use with STRATEGY! to increase productivity, be faster at collecting and organizing information, edit information to create useful 'nuggets,' date stamp your information nuggets and transfer them quickly into the proper fields within STRATEGY!.

Reports : Creating and Sharing Them Easily
Discover many of the useful reports that satisfy different strategic and tactical needs which you can quickly create using STRATEGY!. Learn how to email these reports right out of STRATEGY! or export them to other formats such as Word, PDF, HTML, Excel and others. Modify reports by changing fonts, colors, adding or deleting information and so on.

Market Reports : Target Markets, Market Share and Market Size
Understand how to set up target market segments, and enter market size and market share information for various market segments and regions. Learn how to create both a market share and a market size report based on the information you add to STRATEGY!.

Key People
Learn how to keep track of the key people in your competitive environment, both 'who' you are up against and who might be excellent allies. Learn how to add people for organizations and determine what's important to track. Understand the nuances of gathering and using contact information, current and past functions, and connections and affiliations. See the useful reports that you can easily create about key people.

Capabilities , Goals and Strategies
Understand how to track capabilities, goals and strategies of organizations. Learn how to input information into these specific screens, navigate through the screens, add or change field titles, include 'date stamp' information, plus set up channels and distribution regions. See the range of useful reports you can create using information in these areas.

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