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See the wide array of useful competitive reports that you can have at your fingertips anytime, anywhere... Learn about them from our presentations,  videos and slides.

Presentation of News4U 
This presenation gives you a great overview of what News4U is, how flexible it is to be perfectly suited fo your industry and how you would be working with it, either in manual production of newsletters or using its full automation from gathering of news, categorizing, sending alerts and generating newsletters. Download>>

Sample Competition Reports
Check out a few of the vibrant, insightful reports that you can produce using STRATEGY! ® (v4.6) and IntoAction ®. With IntoAction access reports anytime and anywhere via your organization's secure Intranet or Website.  more >>

Demo Videos
See the slide show and demo videos which explain more about how easily IntoAction and STRATEGY! work for you. Smart business people understand at the 'gut level' the value of keeping an eye on what's happening in the competitive environment . Now, that is EASIER to do when you use technology to help organize and report the information so your key people can locate the info they need, exactly when they need it (not sooner, not later). more>>