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Competitive Affairs Link

Additional information and services that may be helpful for your Competitive Affairs activities

Associations and Professional Groups
Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
American Marketing Association
Special Libraries Association
Puget Sound Business Intelligence Group
Company Webpage Finders:  
ZDNet Company Finder ComFind
CNNfn Official Company Websites CompaniesOnline
EdgarScan FreeEdgar
U.S. Securities Exchange Commission's EDGAR Database IPO Express
10-K Wizard Hoover's IPO Central
Company Profiles:  
Excite Company Profiles WSRN.com
Thomas Register of Manufacturers Yahoo! Finance
Hoover's Market Guide
InfoSeek Company Capsule Fortune 500
Corporate Information Forbes
Industry/ Market/ Product Information  
Yahoo! Trade Associations Researching an Industry
Deja.com - consumer reviews BizMiner


Powerize.com Dow Jones
American City Journals TaxWire
American Journalism Review Radio & TV Drudge Report
American Journalism Review Resources Business Wire
American Journalism Review Newspapers PR Newswire
American Journalism Review Magazines Company Sleuth
Canada 411 Int'l Trade Directories
Asia Pacific Business Directory  

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