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Software designed to help you organize and use information, from many sources already inside your organization, to instantly create useful reports for strategic decision-making AND important tactical actions!

Web-based application that automates the tracking, gathering, and management of news, blogs, twitter, video, audio and other forms of media related to competitors, industry, and the market.  NewsRoom allows you to automatically create and distribute newsletters, internal news feeds, and alerts for internal clients in your organization with little to no effort.  News4U provides complete, automated coverage of the news, with complete control over news deliverables.. more>>

A web application that handles indexing of files, emails and more to let you search with your web browser. Unlike Google, this works on file folder on the corporate folders on file servers with unlimited number of files. This is perfect for making resources searchable within a business unit across multiple file repositories / departments...all with folder level integrated access security.     more>>

STRATEGY! (organize & use information about your competitive environment)
STRATEGY! is easy-to-use software to help organize hard-copy & electronic files, word-on-the-street, research and more in a relational database to quickly create over 150 useful reports.  more>>

IntoAction (give authorized people easy access to your useful reports, "24/7"
Momentum Data Services is designed to give marketing organizations the ability to delegate tedious, yet essential tasks of the competitive process to a team with the know-how and skill to get the job done. more>>

Primary Information Management

Instantly launch a CI project and plan, then, manage it to get answers to your key intelligence questions faster. PIM is the tool that creates a knowledge database of your primary intelligence by managing the information collected by your internal collectors. Support Analysts get collection data faster, so they can create accurate reports using advanced primary intelligence, faster, easier, and more accurately. more>>