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Application Hosting or Software As A Service for Your Competitive Information Management System

Flexible Deployment Alternatives for our server-based applications:
News4U™, STRATEGY!®, PIM™, and IntoAction®

Strategy Software provides Application Hosting where your company buys a software license as well as Software As A Service ‘SaaS’ as two viable deployment methods. 

Clients who opt to have one or more Strategy Software applications available as a pure service ‘SaaS’ pay a monthly fee to gain access to the full functionality without the need for a capital acquisition, often times saving a long approval process and a great way to have a cost-effective proof of concept, thus also reducing consensus building meetings.

Whether you choose Hosting or SaaS, our services allow you to eliminate the time and effort of involving IT for installing, updating, maintaining information management software, and having to worry about backups for your data. Your system will typically be deployed within 3 business days at our secure datacenter with redundant high-speed internet access and power. You always have the ongoing option of requesting to have your system transferred to your company’s IT framework in the future

The two levels of deployment services we offer:

Application Hosting:
Your company purchases the software license(s) and we make it available for you for a nominal hosting fee, fully operational.  This is subject to annual software maintenance.

Software As A Service
No software to buy, no long term contract required, no annual software maintenance to obtain; We offer simple monthly service that you can cancel with 30 days notice. You gain access to a world-class IT system without the need for capital acquisition and all that it entails. Should you cancel, any data in the system(s) is yours and we transfer it to you within 3 business days.

So, you have all three approaches available to you: You have your IT department deploy it on your servers, or we host it or you (interim or long-term) or you get a system as a monthly service.  

To learn more, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .