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Welcome to the Report Gallery, Page 4

Each of the following pages shows a sample of different reports, so check out each page to see the wide variety of reports you can easily create using STRATEGY! or access anytime using IntoAction®.

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Imagine how amazing it would be to have these stats at your fingertips!

Report Gallery - Page 4

19. Market Size Report (sorted)

Shows market size information for one product across several years. Many other variations to this report are possible.
Multiple graphic formats include stacked bars, stacked area, 3D bar graph, and pie graphs.

Used by marketing and executive management
20. General Capabilities

Profiles strengths or weaknesses in 12 key corporate capability areas.

Used by executive level staff to understand rivals and predict their likely future actions
21. Summary Capabilities (Special Tracking Topics)

Profiles the capabilities of any company. Highly customizable.

Used to track proprietary, legal, scientific, and any other specialized capability of your competitors 
22. Industry Information Resources

Shows the best places to get information on your competitors and industry, with active hyperlinks to electronic documents, databases & websites

Used by analysts, researchers or others who want to dig deeper on specific topics
23. Distribution Channels

Shows general distribution capabilities of competitors.

Used by sales management to probe for vulnerabilities and disruption points

Wouldn't it be incredible to have reports like this at your fingertips about your competitors, your own organization and more?

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