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STRATEGY! Suite of Applications Top-Ranked Software by Fuld & Co.

Annual Review Awards STRATEGY! Highest Overall Score

STRATEGY! was awarded high scores by the Fuld & Company in their evaluation of software programs for marketers, executives and other professionals involved in competitive intelligence activities. Here's a sample of what Fuld says about STRATEGY!:

“STRATEGY! was designed specifically for use by anyone who wants to track and understand key aspects of their own competitive environment... particularly well suited for CI professionals that primarily support sales and marketing clients...”

"STRATEGY!'s strength lies in its support of organizing information from many sources, mostly tactical, to create a multi-dimensional basis for effective analysis and decision-making.”

“STRATEGY! dynamically generates charts comparing products, services, companies, or any other user-defined aspect of any competitive environment. … they can come in quite handy for analysis and insightful reporting.”

“STRATEGY! features one of the most comprehensive analysis support capabilities in the market today.”

“There are several channels and formats through which the CI team can disseminate the analyses … a definite plus .”

“… STRATEGY! has excellent reporting functions. … to its credit, the software allows users to customize their reporting functions beyond the 150 or so built in reports.”

“… a very flexible reporting tool.”

“STRATEGY!'s overall functionality and layout is pleasing …”

“ Ease-of-use is one of its stronger points, making it a good product for CI teams that are just beginning to integrate technology into the CI process.”