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Review of STRATEGY

Technology / Engineering Management Inc.

by Dr. Richard P. Mignogna, President of TEMI

STRATEGY! is a PC-based competitive information management system.  With STRATEGY!, you can organize, summarize, analyze, and share information about the competition and your industry.  

TEMI uses STRATEGY! to build competitor and  product databases to store and analyze comparative product information for clients. Building on a template patterned after Michael Porter's Five Forces Model, STRATEGY! can be used to store and compare specific information about competitors such as their goals, strategies, and product strengths and weaknesses and industry information on suppliers, buyers, substitute products, technology trends, regulatory constraints, and more.  

A comprehensive set of report templates provides a wealth of information which can be viewed on screen, printed, faxed, emailed, or converted into html to share with all employees on the corporate intranet.