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Want the BIG picture?
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Solutions For Your Whole Organization

Useful Competitive Environment Reports to Meet the Needs of MANY Departments.

Whether you are in Competitive Intelligence, Executive Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Planning, H.R., Government Affairs or another department, you need to know who you are up against.
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Get more use out of the unorganized information on your competitive environment that is currently scattered in files, spreadsheets, reports, news-feeds, emails and even people's heads. These days, it's a 'no brainer' to use such assets more effectively!

With STRATEGY! you can pull that information, insights and analyses together to easily get useful reports -- about competitors, other products and services (how they compare to yours), key people, strategies, target markets, major customers, suppliers, regulators and more -- exactly when you need them. Outsmart whoever you are up against and win.

STRATEGY! is a competitor information management system that gives your authorized people instant access to brief, current and relevant reports on particular aspects of your competitive environment. Based on YOUR strategies, YOUR priorities and the specific things that departments or groups in YOUR organization need to accomplish.

The system integrates seamlessly into your company's intranet or secure website using IntoAction®. This is NOT a generic information service feed that only adds to your huge (and growing) inbox, but instead pulls data directly from your STRATEGY!® off-the-shelf software which includes only the most current and relevant information from a wide variety of sources, both inside and outside your company. External news feeds, interactive functions and other special elements can be built right into STRATEGY! for you.

A Few People Can Make A Big Difference For Everyone In Your Organization
Using STRATEGY! , a few individuals help everyone get useful reports, while cutting duplication of effort and squeezing more value out of information you already own. Working alone or with our MDS team, your people can easily organize information from many sources and in many formats, then add insights and analysis so that it becomes useful for a wide range of people in key functions in your organization.    

Your research staff or analysts will no longer have to format key reports and answer the same questions for different people day after day. They simply focus on using STRATEGY! and doing research and analysis. Then IntoAction will handle all of the 'publishing ' instantly and effortlessly by making competitor information reports available to authorized people across a secure browser.

Competitor Information Helps Your Competitive Intelligence
STRATEGY! Enterprise reports create a solid foundation for important activities in many departments. Put your competitor information to work: defend your market position (or reposition!), close more sales, determine strategic priorities, improve negotiation outcomes... the practical list of real, bottom-line value goes on.