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Strategy Software Introduces Momentum Data Services SM to Give Marketing Organizations an Edge at Driving Business Metrics

October 18, 2006 – Mill Creek, WA -- Strategy Software, Inc., an industry leader in developing software and services for managing competitor information, today announced the introduction of Momentum Data Services SM.

Momentum Data Services SM (MDS) is a competitive information management support service designed to give Competitive Intelligence (CI) Managers the ability to off-load tedious, yet essential tasks of the competitive process. The tasks can be handed off to MDS at an economical rate. The team at MDS is comprised of trained and degreed professionals who specialize in the fulfillment and organization of competitive information. The service insures that information is populated into the Competitive Intelligence Management System accurately and efficiently.

Most product managers and market researchers need to organize competitor information in support of sales, but find it difficult to find time to download brochures, create updated product feature comparisons, download competitor company financial filings, or patrol competitor websites and blogs. MDS helps CI Managers and marketing organizations maintain Competitor Information Management Systems by providing help in this area, and by making sure the system stays current and running independently. CI Managers and marketing organizations retain complete control and oversight of downloading, updating, and database population activities. MDS is intended to compliment Strategy Software's complete suite of competitive intelligence solutions and services.

“Most people responsible for Competitive Information recognize the merit of having a Competitive Information Management system, but have been prevented from starting such a program due to lack of time or human resources to bring all the information together,” said Matthew Kelly , VP of Business development for Strategy Software. “Momentum Data Services makes it possible for even part-time CI Managers to be successful and make significant and measurable contributions. The combination of Momentum Data Services with the STRATEGY! Competitive Information Management System has become a powerhouse foundation to build a sustainable CI Department and process for any organization.”

About Strategy Software Inc

Strategy Software is a global leader in competitive information management, with 10 years experience, and delivering solutions and services to over four hundred customers. Strategy Software offers a comprehensive suite of Competitive Information management tools to help companies easily organize information about their unique competitive environment then quickly produce up-to-date, useful reports to help increase sales, improve marketing, close more deals, and succeed in whatever specific goals the organization is trying to meet. For more information about Strategy Software, call (425) 212-4347 or visit www.StrategySoftware.com.

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