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Strategy Software, Inc.

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Businesses Improve Competitive Success With STRATEGY! v3.0

(Kirkland, WA April 26, 2002) — A growing number of organizations use STRATEGY! v3.0 to improve their ability to apply what they know about competitors and others to succeed.

Nacco Materials Handling Group (NMHG), maker of industrial lift-trucks, uses STRATEGY! v3.0 to let their Sales people pull up specific information about competitor's products within minutes instead of hours or even days. That can improve Sales success while saving time and money.

“The greatest impact has been for our Dealer Salespeople,” said Dick Hansson, NMHG Customer Strategy Manager. “Before making a sales call, they need to be able to understand differences between our products and those of our competitors so they can focus on features and benefits and less on price discounting.”

STRATEGY! v3.0, known for being easy to use, now gives organizations greater flexibility in tracking their compe titive environment. Using Version 3.0, organizations can report on any aspect of any entity that may impact their success, such as competitors (products, services, people, strategies, etc.), regulators, suppliers, associations, opinion leaders and more.

“Beating the competition is the number one purpose for STRATEGY! in our company,” explains Daniela Pierce, Alstom Executive Consultant. “As our people prepare to go up against a competitor on a project, they use STRATEGY! to know more about that competitor, discover insights about how they should negotiate, how they should price the project and any other intelligence we can get and use.”

Since its introduction, STRATEGY! continues to evolve to meet the growing demand for brief reports that are immediately useful for daily work in Sales, Marketing, H.R., Government Affairs, Contracting, Planning, etc. In contrast to generic information services, STRATEGY! v3.0 reports include information nuggets from any internal or external source, in context of the organization's unique terminology, priorities and perspective.

STRATEGY! v3.0 makes it easy for an organization to share insights on how to sell against competitors, strengths and weaknesses, comparisons, target market opportunities, key information topics, people profiles, news, capabilities, strategies, relationships and more.

Reporters named STRATEGY! as “one of the top ten secrets of successful companies” and called returns from competitive affairs “impressive.” In 2002, STRATEGY! is rated by Fuld & Co. as the best software for competitive analysis.

Strategy Software, Inc. provides competitive affairs software and services to a wide range of businesses, from Fortune 500 to small consultancies, and public sector organizations. See more at http://www.strategysoftware.com/