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Strategy Software, Inc.
Diane Giese, Marketing
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STRATEGY! v2.5: Businesses Have Hot Tool To Track and Outsmart Competitors

(Kirkland, WA July 17, 2000) -- The world's first off-the-shelf database software designed specifically to track your competitors and unique competitive environment is being publicly unveiled by Strategy Software. STRATEGY! v2.5 is easy-to-use software that solves the need for specific information about competitors, products, key people and more. Based on input from CEOs, marketing, product managers, analysts, sales, librarians and others, STRATEGY! provides companies the structure to track and understand the targeted information they need to keep a competitive edge.

More companies are deliberately gathering and using information about their specific competitors. Organizations such as Boeing, AT&T Wireless, Siemens, Westinghouse, Honeywell, Lexis-Nexis, Digitalwork.com, KPMG, Corning Glass, Delta Dental and others use STRATEGY! to defend their competitive advantage.

Competitor assessment is the new core competency for business. STRATEGY! is playing a pivotal role because its logical layout focuses on what most organizations need to know about competitors. It's interactive and can quickly create understandable summary reports that present important information in graphics, lists, tables and more. STRATEGY! allows organizations to compare anything important to their success: attributes of products or services, manufacturing processes, cost structures, financials, customer service rankings, regulatory reviews, political contacts, you name it!

STRATEGY! is about getting your hands on the right information--to the point, specific to your organization, and focused on your strategic and tactical questions,  explains Strategy Software president George Durtler, it's not about getting more information people are already buried under mountains of data from information services, websites and consultants. Companies must save time and stay focused, so they use STRATEGY! to put practical and useful reports into the hands of sales people, executives, marketing leadership and others.

As this trend grows, organizations want employees to know how to best understand and outsmart competitors, so the top-rated Fuld War Room multimedia training program is included with STRATEGY!.

Smart leaders realize that the average employee spends 7-10 hours per month looking for information that is already somewhere in the organization,  said Durtler. This search often gets duplicated by other departments as well. STRATEGY! provides a structured, shared database that saves time and gives you the benefit of all employees' knowledge. Recall information in seconds and share it quickly through the company intranet, secured website, e-mail and more.

STRATEGY! helps organizations know what's going on with competitors, key products, important people and more. How does your product compare with theirs? What are your competitors up to? What other products directly compete with your specific products or services? What's happening with your major customers? What is the latest government activity? Whether a business has mastered "competitive intelligence" or is just beginning to use competitor information to improve products, make better decisions or close more sales, STRATEGY! is the only tool for the job.

For more information check out our website:  http://www.strategysoftware.com/

Strategy Software Inc. is a software company with a mission to provide complete solutions to companies who want to outsmart their competition by tracking and analyzing competitor's products, processes, key people and more.