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STRATEGY! Competitive Intelligence Database Is Released

New software system lets businesses better organize and utilize information about their competitors, the industry and economy.

(Seattle, WA July 15, 1998)-- Companies looking for ways to manage and leverage their scattered competitive knowledge can now select a low-cost, off-the-shelf database system specifically designed to handle Competitive Intelligence.

Developed by Strategy Software Inc., STRATEGY! is a multi-user database for Windows 95/98/NT to help companies collect, categorize, summarize, analyze and report Competitive Data. The fundamental concept behind STRATEGY! is to provide companies with a comprehensive CI frame work where any of the users can contribute to a corporate pool of knowledge by plugging in individual pieces of summarized information when they become known. Rather than entering exhaustive (and exhausting) full-text copies of competitive data, users extract the key points and enter those with optional Source tags to identify the original sources. Each source tag can hold a URL (file path) that points to the original document on the corporate network or Intranet so users can still review sources when required. "Competitive Analysis and Strategic Planning is best done with boiled-down information, and that is exactly what STRATEGY! provides." says George Durtler, President of Strategy Software.

Reasons why companies can benefit from STRATEGY!:

  • STRATEGY! can be used as the basis to establish a formal corporate CI program for fundamental objectives: Gain Competitive Advantage, Improve Strategic Planning, Identify Threats and Opportunities, Understand your own company better in relation to the competitive forces.
  • Turn scattered data into resources accessible by all, at any time.
  • Facilitate more regular positioning and strategy reviews at corporate and product level.
  • Track & share CI sources & resources with ease.
  • Unify employees with a common understanding of the company's position and strategy.
  • Generate highly-specific company or product reports as needed.
  • Combat information overload. Condensed information is available to all users where they expect it.
  • The highly summarized nature of the information stored in STRATEGY! leads to a superior understanding of the market which in turn leads to faster and superior decisions.

Key Product Features:
  • Track Competitive Intelligence on the five competitive forces (Competitors, Substitute Providers, Potential Entrants, Customers and Suppliers) as well industry and economy.
  • Competitive Information framework is based on the principles of Michael Porter's classic Competitive Strategy, making it easy for companies to get started.
  • Integrated browser/viewer with a hot link to any saved URL. These URLs can point to the sources as html pages, documents, presentations, etc. on the Internet, Intranet, or corporate network.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities, specifically designed to be intuitive to generate to occasional users.
  • Easily customized to reflect the user's specific industry, product classification, areas of interest, etc.
  • The database is replicable, enabling synchronized support of satellite offices and mobile users, and provides for scalability from a single stand-alone implementation to hundreds of users.

System Requirements

PC with Windows 95, 98 or NT; Pentium 100 MHz or better.
Hard Disk space: 31 MB; System Memory: 32 MB or more recommended.
Resolution of 800 x 600 (small fonts) or higher.

Network (not needed for single user license)
Banyan VINESÆ, DecNetô, Novell Netware and IntraNetware, OS/2 LAN Manager, more.

For more information

Extensive product information is available at the company's web site: http://www.strategy-software.com

About the Company
Strategy Software Inc. is a software company with a mission to provide software solutions that help companies be more competitive with less effort. The company is located North of Seattle and was founded in 1996 by George Durtler who is a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals.