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Here are several resources to help you take a more deliberate approach to Competitive Affairs...


Privacy Statement
We take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting what we have and know about our clients and subscribers. Click the more button to see the full statement. more>>

What is Competitive Affairs?
People in nearly all organizations (corporations, companies, government agencies, firms, associations, consultants, others) use information from and about the competitive environment to understand who they are "up against" to outsmart their competitors and meet specific job-related, departmental, or organization-wide goals.    more>>

Strategy Software Partners
Check out the consultants and other companies who are our partners because of their top-notch services and products and their commitment to Strategy Software. more>>

Competitive Affairs Links
Here are a list of useful links that may be helpful to you or others in your organization who need to understand certain aspects of your competitive environment.  more>>