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 It always seems that we need to find some specific piece of information at the most inconvenient time.  Finding what we want to know means dealing with the documents that hold what we want to know.  Has anyone purchased this report? Is there any data, anywhere, on this particular topic?

Where are all these documents? They are on hard drives, in network shares, in SharePoint sites and other places where the company has saved presentations, collateral, purchased market research, white papers, and analyst reports.  They could even be in on servers in other countries.

Moving all of the documents into some central place is not going to work, because it’s a ton of hard work, and that is just not the way people work.  Entering each document into a database so we can look them up won’t work either.  Who has time for that? 

Creating elaborate mazes of folders to hold all these documents sounds like a full-time, no-fun chore too. And, then there are the places outside our company:  Competitor websites, regulatory websites, supplier websites, and customer websites that we search regularly.  

We should be able to pull up every competitor’s current third quarter report; the current third quarter, not third quarter from 1998.  One search, get all competitors at once.  Too much to ask?

Find-It-Now centralizes access to to the files and sites you care about and keeps itself current; Automatically and completely.

No documents to move or manage.  No giant content database to install and configure.  You can leave the documents in the places you’ve found them.  Find-It-Now will deal them IN PLACE and allow you to search these documents, wherever may be: different building, state, or country.

You can email documents to Find-It-Now; it will automatically deal with them.  You can tell Find-It-Now who can or cannot, search certain collections.

It’s powerful - maybe more powerful than you’ve ever used; but not complicated.

And the results . . .

Your search results should help you understand, at a glance, whether what you have found is valuable.  Find-It-Now makes sure no time is wasted opening documents to figure that out.

You can even walk away with a list of interesting documents, since you might not have time to look at them all, and a record telling you how you found them, and where they live.

Find-It-Now can save your favorite searches; it even records how people use it. You can keyword search a list of competitor websites like they were files on your internal server.

Find-It-Now can serve a group of 3, or 30,000, and you can add capability a little at a time.  It manages itself, and respects existing file and user group security.

How can you work together on things if you don’t know who has access to what information, where it is, and how old it is?  Find-It-Now takes care of this for you, effortlessly. After all, it shouldn’t matter whether the file you need is where it is SUPPOSED to be, but isn’t.  You should be able to find it anyway, without a hassle.