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Producing a great newsletter with peace-of-mind requires News4U
 "Caught (and envied) producing yet another 
great industry newsletter"


Industry/Competitor News Management & Newsletter Automation

Want to create great industry newsletters in under an hour? How about no time at all? Now you can!

Does your organization monitor and manage competitor and market news?  Are you expected to produce a newsletter on a regular basis, and find that even a single newsletter per week is time consuming work? Is your company spending a lot of money to get industry news that you still need to cut & paste into your newsletter template?  Do you find that the news sources do not offer all the specialized coverage you need for comprehensive monitoring of your industry, competitors, major suppliers and key clients?

Finally there a comprehensive system that monitors what you need, multiple times every day.
A system that produces one or more special interest newsletters and tracks the readership of your newsletters.

News4U automates the monitoring and collection of news.
It categorizes headlines for you, and can even automate the publishing of alerts, newsletters, and internal RSS feeds.  It becomes actually realistic to have different versions of your newsletters geared to different interests, different departments or business units.

Key Features of News4U:
  • Automatic news monitoring ~ RSS news feeds and web pages, several times a day
  • Automatic categorization of news ~ based on the rules you set
  • Automatic generation of a newsletter proof for your review ~ you know what will go out
  • Automatic publishing & distribution of newsletters via email
  • Automatic readership tracking for both newsletters and alerts 
  • Automatic subscribable alerts by email ~ easy to set up, why not be a hero?
  • Readers can manage their own Subscriptions to the Newsletters and Alerts you offer. 
  • Add your own headlines anytime (Got news from a sales rep?  Add it to a newsletter.)
  • Realistic to maintain multiple special-interest newsletters and many alerts too! ~ imagine a sales person getting an automatic alert whenever his major account is in the news? Score!
  • News4U is available as a service (SaaS) on a monthly basis;  No capital expense, no IT approval,  Low risk, high benefit, one low monthly fee.  (A News4U V4 software license purchase for installation on your servers is also an option)
  • Too busy to proof and publish your newsletters? We can do that for you at a low monthly cost
  • News4U works using free, public information on the Internet… You can save a boatload of cash reducing your subscription to news syndicators.

You have not seen anything this automated, this complete… Nothing else comes close. 
You get; better control over your coverage, better competitor and market newsletters, more time to do other things.  Considerably less effort to do considerably more, consistently.  Documented proof that people are reading your newsletters and wanting alerts… See for yourself!

Click here for a Presentation of News4U (PDF)
To find out more, contact us.